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DC Universe Animated Original Movies (2007 - present)

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This is the proudest I will ever be of my country

This is the proudest I will ever be of my country


Snapchat game on POINTE


Snapchat game on POINTE

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can’t stop won’t stop

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Supported by real scientific data.


Supported by real scientific data.

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I have this conversation too often.

I scrolled for an explanation and there was none.

I scrolled for an explanation and there was none.

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This Song was not heard for almost a hundred years until a team of remodelers found a music sheet stuck under the paneling of a wall in one of Australia’s oldest churches, it is now being released for the first time since 1914. Listen to the sound of a choir of over 300 people attempt to capture this beautiful song one last time.

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shout out to all the people who remain neutral in the eternal war between red and blue

i salute u

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opspind said: Hey lovely Australian person, what or who is Ketut?


Alright strap in this is gonna be a bit of a ride

An insurance agency called AAMI, which primarily focuses on automotive insurance, started a Safe Drivers Rewards Program a few years ago. To promote it, they ran an advertisement that focused on one woman, Rhonda, going about her day and being cheered by crowds of people for being such a good, safe driver.

In a later ad, the same character uses the savings she made from her AAMI Safe Driver Rewards™ to go on a holiday to Bali. There she meets a guy named Ketut, an employee at the resort she is visiting, and they flirt like rabid hyenas.

After she arrives back home, she relates her adventures to her friend (with minor embellishments), but is interrupted by their car being rear-ended by a fruit truck, providing a perfect opportunity to use the AAMI Claim Assist™ app.

Some time later, Rhonda attends a highschool reunion, prodly showing off some “brake foot bling” that she was able to afford due to her AAMI Safe Driver Rewards™. She hits it off with former teenage heartthrob Trent Toogood, and they spend the evening dancing together. Ketut arrives late to the affair, flowers in hand, only to find that Rhonda has left with Trent.

In the final instalment, Ketut finds Rhonda’s anklet, which she lost during the dance, just before she returns for it. He replaces it on her ankle, and they share a romantic dance together while the janitor sweeps up the streamers.

It’s a thrilling love story that spanned over three years, and kept Australian audiences captivated the entire time.

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